Monday, June 26, 2006

U.P. College of Architecture

A visit at the U.P. College of Architecture, a school of great accomplishment in design and competition, was held Monday, June 19th, where lectures on Filipino architecture were given by professors, and a tour of the U.P. campus was hosted by the students themselves.

The day began with an official introduction to Secretary Maria Lisa Santos, whom we’ve previously been in contact with since Montreal, and Dean Prosperidad C. Luis, followed by a tour of the architecture building, views of student works, and classroom sit ins with Filipino architecture students being lectured on hospital fire safety.

After a delicious lunch of rice, vegetables, beef and fish
provided by the college, a select group of U.P. students presented their projects and provided us with a jeepney tour of their campus.

The day ended with a chance to sample some of the finest yet daring Filipino delicacies of isaw (ee-sao) otherwise known as chicken intestine, and a jam session with Arkaira, once again organized by the students, wherein our own Matt Wiviott took the opportunity to play with the musicians.

We were privileged to have met such a smart and talented group of young aspiring architects full of life and enthusiasm. The energy that fills their souls is matched by their hospitality and willingness to share; to accept; to entertain, and to welcome us within their home and within their own architectural realm.

we all here did enjoy your short stay in UP Architecture. at least, a group of people have suddenly broke the monotony of the college after a long drought of no visitors. you all guys were collectively a breathe of fresh air. thanks again for taking your time off for the visit. :)
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